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Physical Exams Specialist

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Physical exams at Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique in Pikeville, Tennessee, are always personalized just for you. Whether you need Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, school physicals, sports physicals, or an annual well visit, the highly trained medical care team is ready to provide excellent care. Request an appointment online, or call the office to arrange your physical exam now.

Physical Exams

What are DOT physicals?

The state of Tennessee requires DOT physicals for commercial driver’s license (CDL) applicants. You must have a DOT physical from an approved medical examiner like those at Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique when you apply for the initial CDL, renew a CDL, change the class of your CDL, get a new CDL endorsement, or transfer your CDL from another state.

Your DOT physical checks basic vision, blood pressure, reflexes, muscle strength, and other aspects of your health to ensure that you’re in good whole-body health. Certain things prevent you from passing a DOT physical, for example, diabetics who rely on injected insulin can’t get a CDL.

Your DOT examiner will review both your past and current health in this exam, and if you need to make changes to pass the exam, they’ll discuss those changes with you at that time.

What is a school physical?

A school physical is required before your child starts school in Tennessee or before they can successfully transfer from an out-of-state school. The physical exam reviews both health history and current wellness, checks for communicable diseases, and includes any necessary immunizations. Your care provider at Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique gives you proof of immunization.

What is a sports physical?

The state of Tennessee requires that all student athletes entering 7th and 9th grades (junior high and senior high school) have a well-child exam, which acts as a more comprehensive sports physical. After the well-child exam, your child’s Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique provider signs the athlete clearance form.

The well-child checkup includes a standard school physical along with athletic clearance. The athletic clearance checks to make sure that your child’s healthy enough to participate in sports and also that they know how to be safe while doing so.

What are annual well visits?

Annual well visits are for all ages, and they’re an excellent way to stay informed and be proactive about your wellness. Your Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique provider can customize your annual well visits for your needs, but in general, they’re whole-body checkups that verify overall health and monitor problems.

You can also get immunizations during annual well visits, and your care provider can prescribe new treatments or medications as needed. Annual well visits may include blood or urine tests or other types of testing as-needed.

No matter what kind of physical exam you need, Pikeville Urgent Care & Body Boutique can help. Book your exam online or by phone now.